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La Condesa – Austin, TX

On our second day in Austin, we decided on a more low key evening (after spending the whole night at Sixth Street the night before, we were all quite happy to just sit down for a nice meal).  La Condesa came highly recommended by some of the locals so we were more than excited to […]

Juan in a Million – Austin, TX

I have been a little slacking on review and this one is a little late since my visit to Austin was back in May.  But there is no way I have forgotten how much fun and all the good food Austin has to offer.  First thing I did was revisit my pictures for Juan in […]

Escape Fish Bar – San Diego, CA

After driving into Gas Lamp from Temecula and checking in; we were a tad too lazy to get dressed up and make our way to Nobu so I canceled that reservation. I ended up picking Escape Fish Bar that was only a block or so away from our hotel. It was while strip of bars […]

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